Fly towards your aspirations with Ambiance Fly Institute.

Fly towards your aspirations with Ambiance Fly Institute.

Best air hostess training provided by Ambiance Fly Institute in Dwarka, Delhi. Ambiance Fly is a good platform to improve yourself and achieve your dream.
Must Join to fulfill your dream ✈️.

As with any course, you would be interested in knowing exactly what is it that you accrue after completing your course tenure. This course is a comprehensive exploration into the depths of ditching, wet drill, water survival, raft boarding, Galileo software training, grooming, emergency exit, ramp safety training, smoke and live fire training, additional languages, first aid training, aircraft ground handling, and related safety training modules. Through proper training and practical experience, you will be able to gain complete knowledge in these areas.

This course allows you to gear up your career in the field of aviation and step up the ladder towards a gleaming opportunity that could take you to different parts of the world and live in ambient locations.

With an initial pay package between 3 and 6 lakhs per annum, you receive ample incentive to continue in this field. Besides monetary benefits, you will also stand to receive various perks in the form of free hotel accommodation, medical benefits, and air tickets for yourself. Given the pace of development of the aviation industry, you could make it big in this arena with your consistent efforts and devoted hard work.

The course mainly focuses on learning management aspects and an overview of civil aviation, management principles, terminal operations, airport security, communication skills, airport operations, service management inflight, ground staff handling, and cabin crew.

With a diploma in aviation and tourism management, you can land yourself a job in any one of the following domains of aviation industry:

  • Ground handling services
  • Scheduling crews
  • Fleet management
  • Providing customer service
  • Safety and security at the airport
  • Providing in-flight services
  • Ticketing functions
  • Medical tourism
  • Slot allocation
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