Cabin Crew Training Institute in Uttarakhand

Cabin Crew Training Institute in Uttarakhand

If you are looking for the cabin crew training institute in Uttarakhand then you must join Ambiance Fly Institute and enroll for the course.


Cabin Crew Service Training

  1. Cabin-wise training on respective fleet-type Cabin Service Trainers
  2. Hands-on seat training with PAX seats in CSTs and a Seat-demo Room
  3. Style & Image room for specialized grooming training
  4. Meal & Wine presentation rooms to match the global  standards of service & hospitality
  5. In-flight Entertainment training on the latest equipment on each aircraft

Cabin Crew Safety Training

  1. Dangerous goods regulations training
  2. First-aid training and emergency equipment usage training
  3. Simulated emergency training in Full-motion cabin emergency Evacuation Trainers for both Wide Body & Narrow Body
  4. Door Training for group fleet type A320 family, A350. B777
  5. Hand-on training on world-class Fire & Smoke Trainers
  6. Ditching training in heated pool with rafts & evacuation slides

Ambiance Fly is the best cabin crew training institute in Delhi that works on the mission to assist and guide the students throughout their training program. Our highly qualified teachers and mentors teach aspirants how to adapt to changing circumstances and act accordingly.

Our main focus is on skills development that ultimately creates more career opportunities and provides the aspirants a chance to explore their own world.

contact us at the below number :

Phone no: +91-7290013655



Address: Dwarka, New Delhi-110075


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